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Step-By-Step How I Do My Previous Lifetime Healings

Listed here is the procedure where I do my earlier lifetime healings.

Clean up My Electricity Field

I make this happen for each and every looking through irrespective of how large or smaller miracle healing prayer request. I take advantage of a technique which i discovered from Melissa Kitto. I can’t don’t forget if it can be precisely the same any longer or if I have adapted it. But this really is what I do:

I swirl my dominant hand close to my third eye, potentially a couple of inches out from my system, then sweep equally fingers up about my head and down to my shoulders, and i say

“In the name of (divine remaining) I cleanse my intellect and that i cleanse my soul.”

I do that 3 instances.

Prayer For Connection and Safety

I then say a prayer which I realized from Andrrea Hess, I can’t remember if it can be tailored any more or not. Occasionally I say it out loud, mainly in my head.

“Let the Temples of affection Light and Reality descend, develop and grow, I ask for my Masters and Instructors be with me for real truth and accuracy to generally be attained for that optimum very good of all. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.”


I do not formerly do any sort of respiratory but I do breathe here and focus on my breath. To centre and serene me. I generally mild incense in this article also as scent for me is significant. If I don’t have incense then I sniff a bottle of important oil. I like lime since it appears to get up my senses.


For me my intention will be to visit the portion of a earlier lifestyle that needs therapeutic. I don’t go for names or each of the aspects that are not needed, they are form of the fluff during the qualifications. I feel if you’re likely into a earlier everyday living, then it would at the same time be to recover one thing during this existence. A number of people do like facts for facts sake, but I do not. For me it can be with regard to the therapeutic.


I request my client for his or her birthdate. I exploit numerology to tune into peoples electrical power. So I seem at their to start with name and date of start up coming.


Right here is in which I just sit and aim on my senses. What seems to arrive occasionally can be a kaleidoscope of appears and pictures and feelings. Often times I get a series of images just as if Spirit is zeroing in, it often appears to me to be just like a slot device after you convert the arm or force the button along with the illustrations or photos go whizzing by. Then it stops.

I don’t choose it.

I don’t attempt to comprehend it.

I just transcribe it.


I think you’ve to jot down down the photographs and feelings ahead of the next 1 will occur. Typically I’ll hear the title of a region, then I’ll hear a century, then I will see if it can be male or woman. Then I just sit there producing what I see. The last aspect is once i then zero in on what wants clearing about that scene I just saw, the fundamental psychological blockage that is still lingering. Generally I experience this in my stomach, I hold out to the aha, the click, the perception that it truly is all been tied together.

Have confidence in

The more I get my analytical thoughts out of the way the greater this full approach functions. This has taken yrs of practise. You can find constantly home for advancement as I increase and learn to trust in spirit far more and a lot more.

I continue to do have doubts about my qualities, I wish to present a superb service however the more I get my moi from just how and halt trying to manage the result the greater my readings are.

Prayer for Healing

You could use any prayer, it truly is about intention, I use a prayer taught to me by a student in the popular Amish healer, Solomon Wickey.

Closing Down

I then near down following every examining. Although I’ve an additional a person to try and do just soon after. It sort of wipes the slate thoroughly clean of that previous everyday living energy.

I say

“This will be the end of the examining, remember to take out anything from my aura that doesn’t belong to me”.

I say the take out everything from my aura component 3 times.

Then I say

“It is completed. It is actually completed. It is actually performed.”

I ordinarily want to go or get up likewise after I’ve carried out healings. Get back again into my system. It can be essential to be grounded.