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Skip the Theme Parks – Add Some Adventure to Your Florida Vacation!

Are you looking to energize and excite your upcoming family vacation to Florida? Are you looking for that one special day trip that will make your family’s vacation one that will never be forgotten? If you answered yes to either one of dufan mati then read on.

Located along the Nature Coast of Florida, the small town of Crystal River is situated on the Gulf Coast of Citrus County. Citrus County Florida is the only place in the U.S. where you can legally swim and snorkel with the endangered manatees. Situated just 1 hour north of the Tampa International Airport, and only a short 2 hours northwest of the Disney World theme parks is the quaint little Village of Crystal River. Crystal River, Florida is known as “The Home of the Manatees”, because it boasts the largest concentration of manatees in the U.S.

Manatees, also known as the “gentle giants” are large marine animals that can grow as large as 13 feet long and weigh as much as 3000 pounds. Manatees are docile creatures that are completely harmless. Curious by nature, they will often approach boats and swimmers to investigate and play. Rolling over for belly scratches, and giving you a “manatee kiss” is commonplace when on tour with River Ventures.

Visiting Crystal River to go swimming with the manatees is an adventure that you and your family will never forget. How many people do you know who’ve had the chance to swim with manatees? This is something that will more then likely impress your family and friends back home but most of all it will make your Florida vacation one that will never be forgotten! The best part is you don’t have to spend a fortune to partake in this activity.

River Ventures Manatee Tour Center is one of many top-notch manatee tour operators located within the Crystal River area. At River Ventures you are treated like family from the moment you walk through the front doors! River Ventures has highly trained captains and in water tour guides that will take you on an adventure of a lifetime. Not only will you get to swim with the manatees, but you will also get a crash course on what makes this animal so unique and on the current conservation efforts to better protect this endangered species.

After your tour, stroll the quaint village of Crystal River and enjoy the eclectic shops and eateries nestled in the historic district of downtown. Take a short drive out to the Gulf of Mexico where you will find Fort Island Beach Park, a great place to enjoy a picnic or enjoy a fabulous sunset. Walk out onto the fishing pier and wet a line, redfish, trout, tarpon and many other coastal fish abound right in casting range.

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